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Georgia Workforce Development

There are more than 750,000 talented people in the Gainesville-Hall labor market area, which includes Hall and adjoining counties. Our Georgia workforce development initiatives encourage a high level of education and skills training. Skilled people in this region seek employment in the Gainesville area, evident in the Gainesville population surge from 38,000 at night to more than 100,000 during weekday working hours.

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Finding Skilled Personnel: Georgia Workforce Development at Work

Georgia workforce development helps make finding and recruiting educated, highly skilled people in Gainesville-Hall County easy. There are more than 16,000 people enrolled in area colleges and universities with an additional 150,000 enrolled within an hour's drive. Gainesville-Hall County is the heart of Northeast Georgia's transportation network and the community is an employment center for the region.

Attracting Talent with a High Quality of Life

Quality of life and employment opportunities are cited by newcomers and employers as major benefits for relocating to the community. Residents can enjoy the Appalachian Mountains, Lake Lanier and Metropolitan Atlanta, all within 30 minutes of Gainesville-Hall County, which has proven especially attractive to the younger workforce. The median age of the workforce in Gainesville-Hall County is 32 years.

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