Hallmark 2015-2020

Over 20 years ago, Gainesville-Hall County leaders had the insight and boldness to invest in a groundbreaking economic development initiative called HALLTogether, now called HALLmark. The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce has been growing community prosperity ever since.

The focus of HALLmark is to develop a collective vision for the continued success of our community by working in partnership with business, government, education and private citizens.

HALLmark has seen many successes over the past two decades, including:

• Providing jobs from new industries and the expansion of existing industries
• Growing the commercial tax base throughout Gainesville-Hall County
• Creation of VISION 2030 for our future
• Renovation of the Chamber headquarters building in Downtown Gainesville
• Facilitating an Education Consortium
• Creating the Greater Hall Workforce Taskforce
• Spearheading a Greenspace initiative for the community
• Continuing Leadership Hall County and Youth Leadership Hall
• Initiating a senior leadership program called The Wisdom Project

HALLmark leadership team created a goal of $2,250,000 for HALLmark 2015-2020. Over 150 businesses have committed to HALLmark 2015-2020, reaching 100% of the set goal.

Investment will continue to ensure we maintain a vibrant economy, create new jobs, have an educated and skilled workforce, increase our tax base, support the growth of our small businesses and retail establishments, build partnerships with government entities, and continually improve our quality of life through VISION 2030 and other community services.