Small Business of the Year Awards to Milton Martin Honda and The Longstreet Café

Milton Martin Honda

Milton Martin Honda’s commitment to our community and to our quality of life in Northeast Georgia is readily apparent to all, as they sell quality cars to people in Northeast Georgia. They also have the reputation of the best customer service for their cars, new and used, as reflected in their slogan ­ Better Deal… Better Car… Complete Satisfaction!

Milton Martin Honda was founded in 1961 by Milton Martin. Butch Miller and Jim Foote began a separate dealership in 1995 and have gone on to new heights. They now employ 60 people and have a thriving dealership on Brown¹s Bridge Road in Gainesville. In 2002, the company received the Honda President¹s Award.

Butch and Jim participate in our community with as much tenacity as selling cars. They are Partners in Education with Chestnut Mountain Elementary, Martin Road and South Hall Middle School. They are involved with Junior Achievement, Challenged Child, St. Judes, Gainesville College, The American Red Cross, United Way, Community Council on Aging, YMCA, and Eagle Ranch. Butch Miller served on the Chamber Board this year and is involved with two new projects ­ the new leadership program and a new handicapped children¹s programs.

Milton Martin Honda is deserving of the Small Business of the Year Award ­ they care about their business and our quality of life.

Longstreet Café

Longstreet Café was started in 1997 by Tim Bunch. In the six years since it opened, Longstreet has become recognized for delicious food at breakfast, lunch and supper with their country cooking specialties.

Longstreet also caters for civic clubs and special events and is the place to be for all political talk. Annual sales grew to $2.75 million in 2003, and the restaurant now employs 35 people.

Good food, fair prices and the best customer service is Longstreet Cafe’s trademark and is its cornerstone of success. They treat every customer the same ­ with friendliness and courtesy. Longstreet has attracted loyal diners who depend on their home cooking, as their slogan tells it all ­ We Put The Home in Cooking.

Tim repays his community many times over by giving to the local homeless shelters and area churches on a regular basis. Tim also feeds the athletic teams of Gainesville High prior to events. Tim Bunch and Longstreet Café know the secret to a successful small business.