Retail Initiative Update

Retail Initiative Update

The strategy of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce Retail Initiative is to build long term relationships with retailers, retail brokers and developers to assist and influence them to locate to Gainesville-Hall County. This effort will benefit the citizens while allowing the county to collect its share of sales tax revenues.

Currently, retailers have been identified and an initial mailing has been completed which highlights the primary demographics, quality of life features, and publications which have recognized Gainesville-Hall County. Primary retail brokers have also been targeted with a letter and Retail Quick Takes (a promotional piece). Retail Quick Takes is a one page summary of the community and highlights important facts within each of the following areas: demographics, quality of life, retail sales, and recognition for Gainesville-Hall County.

The next phase of the initiative will include personal visits to all retail brokers where another communication piece will be presented. This piece will provide further information which relates to demographics, traffic studies, and quality of life facts.

The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce was represented at the spring International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in Atlanta and will also attend the ICSC Southeast Conference in October.

The process of building long term relationships with individuals who either influence or actually make the decision on retail expansion has begun.

For more in the Retail Initiative, contact Neil Richie, Project Director, Greater Hall Chamber, 770-532-6206. Email: