Preparing for the New Knowledge Economy

The HALLmark Initiative now enters its second year of business and community enhancement programs concentrating on economic development, education, workforce development, government partnerships and a new and improved Chamber facility.

The HALLmark Initiative, a five year plan, puts emphasis on attracting new technology jobs to the community, growing our existing industry with high paying technology jobs, and building toward an expanded economy and workforce. In this second year, your Chamber will put more emphasis on “Preparing for the new Knowledge Economy” and expanding our knowledge and programs of technology infrastructure, technology education and technology marketing through the following:

Technology Infrastructure -Examine our present technology infrastructure and needs for the future through a technology business park, broadband lines (wired homes and businesses), data base of technology businesses in the community, etc. Facilitate the new Lake Lanier Technology Alliance.

Technology Education – Examine our present technology education services and programs and needs for the future. Establish an education partnership between local schools, colleges, universities and business and identify needed education technology programs.

Technology Marketing – Aggressively begin a marketing program to identify Gainesville, Oakwood and Hall County as a ideal place for technology businesses and headquarters. Implement a technology web site; an identification slogan; targeted marketing efforts through direct mail and advertising; membership and attendance in technology organizations and trade shows.

Our business plan, Preparing for the new Knowledge Economy, is underway and will continue for many years. We seek to be on the cutting edge of the technology world, while establishing our community as the perfect place to work, live, play and stay. Our goal is to pass on this legacy to our children and grandchildren by providing jobs enabling them to remain and thrive here in Gainesville and Hall County.