M-D Building Products Expansion

M-D Building Products, formerly Macklanburg-Duncan Co., has a rich history of product development and manufacturing expertise. This history spans almost a century of designing and manufacturing building products. M-D has four manufacturing locations across the United States with one in Hall County.

Founded in 1920, M-D opened a manufacturing plant in Gainesville in 1964. Located on Memorial Park Drive, M-D Building Products employs some 110 people. M-D manufactures extruded aluminum and vinyl products used in the home building industry, boat manufacturing, product display cases and many more uses.

In early 2001, M-D was forecast for a plant shut down, but fortunately, this situation has had a turn-around. Currently, M-D is scheduled for an equipment expansion of approximately $1.5 million with plans to hire and additional 15 employees before year-end. The Gainesville facility will add six new vinyl extrusion lines.

Plant Manager Lonnie Garis’ management style has afforded employees the opportunity to work two 10-hour-a-day shifts, Monday through Thursday.

“The quality labor market here in Gainesville has benefited M-D greatly,” said Garis. “ We are fortunate to have low turnover, and some of our employees have been with the company for more than 30 years. In addition, I was pleased to report to our corporate office that the recent passing of Freeport to 100% will save our company over $3,000 this year.”

M-D Building Products, 2095 Memorial Park Road in Gainesville. 770-535-8728.

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