Kubota adds manufacturing for RTV Utility Vehicle production

Kubota adds manufacturing for RTV Utility Vehicle production

Kubota Corporation recently expanded its Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA) plant in Gainesville and opened an additional production line, with a state-of-the-art, high-tech painting system utilized in the production of Kubota’s popular RTV utility vehicles.

“The February re-opening of our new Building One production line is the culmination of planned growth for Kubota manufacturing space here in Georgia, representing a $20 million investment in future production capabilities for KMA. The technology represented with this new production line is world class,” explained Tim Yoshii, president, KMA. “As demand increases for Kubota-branded products in the United States, Kubota is committed to service, high quality and innovative products manufactured efficiently.”

“With this increased capacity for RTV production we expect to offer our customers continued excellence in product quality, while creating great opportunities for our employees and the surrounding business community,” Yoshii added.

KMA recently re-engineered the 212,000-square-foot KMA plant, after moving part of the production facility work to newly opened affiliate Kubota Industrial Equipment, in nearby Jackson County, Georgia, during a planned increase in total manufacturing capabilities in North America for Kubota. This re-opening marks the completion of installation of manufacturing equipment that will be dedicated to the production of RTV utility vehicles only, offered in both traditional Kubota orange for worksite, general use and turf utility work, plus camouflage recreational models of the RTV. Kubota manufactures the RTV series as heavy-duty, high-performing utility vehicles with power, durability and innovative, exclusive features such as auxiliary remote hydraulic tool capabilities. The new Kubota RTV1100 utility vehicle, offering a standard factory-integrated cab including air-conditioning, is expected to arrive in Kubota dealer showrooms in spring 2007.

In addition to the new production line for RTVs, KMA continues to manufacture and assemble Kubota lawn tractors and related products, such as the new powerful, durable and commercial quality Kubota ZD300 Series of zero-turn mowers and the versatile Kubota BX series sub-compact tractor.

Kubota was awarded the 2002 Georgia Manufacturer of the year as number one in the state for emphasizing quality, improvement, and community.

Kubota Manufacturing of America and Kubota Tractor Corporation are affiliates of Kubota Corporation. Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA) was formed in 1988 as Kubota’s North American manufacturing base. Today, nearly half of all Kubota-branded equipment sold in the United States is manufactured and assembled at the Gainesville facility. kubota.com