Gainesville Named 14th “America’s Fun, Affordable Cities”

Bloomberg Businessweek’s August 22nd online edition featured “America’s Most Fun, Affordable Cities.” The report covered a recent study from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate that evaluated more than 6,000 zip codes where the median home price is within 20 percent of the state’s median home price.

The top 25 results were chosen on the criteria of which areas had the most restaurants and bars. Gainesville, with a population of roughly 33,804, came in at 156 restaurants. The report showed Gainesville’s median home price at $150,000 and stated, “This section of Gainesville, a city 50 miles northeast of Atlanta, is home to Brenau University and has a number of casual dining, Southern cuisine, and fine dining establishments.”

The list of fun, affordable places includes tourism destinations, such as Honolulu and Myrtle Beach, S.C., as well as college towns, such as Wilmington, N.C., and Tempe, Arizona. Athens, Georgia was ranked 24th.

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