Annual Business Plan: Partnerships for Economic Success

The mission of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce is to improve the overall business climate for its members’ growth, promote community development, facilitate political action and enhance our quality of life. The Board of Directors of the Greater Hall Chamber sets the overall direction with the adoption of the annual Business Plan.

The 2003-2004 Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce Business Plan – Partnerships for Economic Success. This year, your Chamber will put more emphasis on partnerships and working together with governments, education entities and private businesses to develop one economic vision for our community.

Partnerships in Economic Development… The economic development needs of Gainesville and Hall County must be addressed through a collaborative partnership between the business community, government entities and citizens.

Partnerships with Governments… The business community and government leaders must work in partnership to address issues of growth and economic development and bring harmony and respect to relationships.

Partnerships with Education… Education and workforce development are key strategies in economic development. The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce will continue to strengthen relationships and programs in partnerships with schools, colleges and universities, as an educated and quality workforce is a primary goal.

Our business plan has already begun and will continue for many years. We want to be on the cutting edge of the technology world and establish our community as the perfect place to work, to live, to play …and to stay.

As your Chamber Chairman, I look forward to building upon the partnerships already in place. I hope to play a part in passing the strong Gainesville-Hall County legacy on to our children and grandchildren by providing jobs and encouraging them to remain and thrive here in Gainesville and Hall County.