1071 Coalition seeks to reform management of Lake Lanier

1071 Coalition seeks to reform management of Lake Lanier

A group of community leaders, business owners, chambers of commerce, residents and other citizens in the Lake Lanier area have formed Coalition 1071. The 1071 Coalition is named for the full pool of the lake – 1071 (1,071 feet above sea level). The current level of Lake Lanier is 20 feet below full pool and approaching its lowest level ever in its 50 year history. Members of the group are concerned with the preservation of the lake’s water levels and its impact on our economy.

President of the 1071 Coalition, Grier Todd, COO of Lake Lanier Islands Resort reports that the coalition seeks to reverse the management practices of the lake through three initiatives: 1. Commission a study on the impact of Lake Lanier on the area economy. This data will be used to counter information disseminated by other states and bolster Georgia’s case. 2. Urge federal and state officials to give this issue their highest priority and take action in the best interests of Georgians, including the commissioning of studies that determine the actual needs of endangered species and minimal flow requirements throughout the system. 3. Serve as a voice in the public relations fight between the states, armed with data and experts.

“The Lake Lanier crisis is having a tremendous effect on area businesses, and residents are losing property values,” said Kit Dunlap, President and CEO of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of the 1071 Coalition. “Local governments have implemented appropriate conservation measures and emergency operating measures. The 1071 Coalition was formed to allow businesses and concerned citizens to do our part, as we all feel, first-hand, the devastating impact of the lake’s low levels.”

Founding members of the 1071 Coalition Board of Directors are Grier Todd, 1071 Coalition President and COO, Lake Lanier Islands Resort; Kit Dunlap, 1071 Coalition Vice President and President/CEO, Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce; Wilton Rooks, 1071 Coalition Secretary and Vice President of Technical Programs, Lake Lanier Association; Alex Laidlaw, 1071 Coalition Treasurer and Vice President of Operations, Westrec Marinas; Kerry Armstrong Sr., Vice President, Duke Realty, Atlanta Office; Philip Burton, Owner, Gainesville Marina; James McCoy, President & CEO, Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce; Johnny Crowe, Owner, Watersports Central; Terri Johndahl, CEO, CAB Incorporated; Jim Maran, President & CEO, Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce; Frank Norton Jr., President, The Norton Agency; Joni Owens, Owner, JLO Enterprises and Real Estate; Jon Stovall, Owner, Bald Ridge Marina; Jim Walters, President, Walters Management Company; Philip Wilheit Sr., President & CEO, Wilheit Packaging.

We urge you to join the 1071 Coalition, get involved and let’s keep Lake Lanier full. For information, membership, donation, call 770-458-6311, or the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, 770-532-6206, or visit www.1071coalition.org