VISION 2030: What’s Next?

VISION 2030: What’s Next?

by Denise Deal
Executive Director
VISION 2030, Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

VISION 2030 organizers are preparing for Phase II of the program – the actual implementation of the visioning process. A new VISION 2030 Board of Directors has been formed and includes members of the VISION 2030 Steering Committee and community leaders who emerged from Phase I of the process with an interest and dedication to the program. The Board of Directors met in late August to re-focus efforts and begin work on the major initiatives identified in the visioning process.

Where do we go from here?
The initial task of the Board will be to prioritize the 15 ideas that came from citizens in the community during the VISION 2030 process. Each of these ideas will be separated and assigned to a Task Force that will begin working on plans to make these 15 ideas a reality. The Board will meet quarterly, and individual Task Forces will meet more regularly.

Future Funding for VISION 2030
The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce has provided funding for the VISION 2030 effort through funds raised in the HALLmark Vision 2006-2010 campaign. However, future funding must be identified. Another task of the Board of Directors will be researching the means for program funding.

VISION 2030 Board of Directors Action Steps
The VISION 2030 Board of Directors was created as part of the predetermined action steps defined during the initial visioning process. Several of the Board of Director action steps that will initially be concentrated on include the following:

€ Expand VISION 2030 involvement to include groups other than the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce
€ Explore eventual independence from the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce
€ Explore the option of a full-time professional director
€ Assess and realign existing issues groups
€ Demonstrate how collaboration and cooperation can work
€ Aim to generate enthusiasm and trust in the integrity of the program
€ Solicit feedback from the community and move forward with plans
€ Conduct annual meetings to address big issues
€ Keep VISION 2030 work fresh and provide progress reports to the community
€ Bring together interested groups of government officials and individuals that will address issues that occur intermittently
€ Create an emerging issues group within the VISION 2030 framework. The group is envisioned as a influential group who will see the grassroot issues that create community opportunities and problems. The group must be willing to form and “force” important issues. Examples: crime, gangs, development and businesses

VISION 2030 was initiated by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce to create a vision and strategic plan for Gainesville-Hall County. The vision statement is posted on the VISION 2030 web site: For more information, call VISION 2030 Executive Director Denise Deal at 770-532-6206 or e-mail:

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