TSPLOST Fact vs. Fiction

The 2012 TSPLOST is an opportunity for all Georgians to take control of their future by choosing to make significant investments in transportation projects that are vital both to the economy and quality of life throughout the state. With the upcoming vote on July 31 nearing, there are several misconceptions floating around about this one-penny sales tax.

FICTION: Money goes to GDOT in Atlanta and doesn’t come back to the region.
FACT: The GDOT never receives any money from the Transportation Improvement Act (TIA). All monies collected locally will be spent locally with NO exceptions.

FICTION: The gas tax should be raised instead of the TIA.
FACT: The gas tax is a declining source of revenue. As people drive more fuel efficient cars and buy less gas, less revenue is raised to support the existing network. A 25 cent/gallon increase in the gas tax would be required to match TIA.

FICTION: TIA subsidizes MARTA and expensive transit projects.
FACT: Outside Region 3 (Atlanta), no money is spent on MARTA. Some regions contain local transit projects (mostly bus service) selected by local elected officials.

FICTION: We will endure economic damage and loses to local businesses.
FACT: Every penny that is raised in the local regions will be spent on local projects with local oversight. Additional transportation funding will jump-start Georgia’s economy, provide more jobs in each region and make our roads safer.

FICTION: Taking on these projects is dangerous and costly for our region.
FACT: All of the projects have been scaled to meet the funds made available by the passing of the TSPLOST. These projects include vital transportation improvements that will help create jobs and increase economic investment in local communities.

FICTION: The high increase of transportation spending is too excessive in light of the current recession. A tax increase is never the answer to an economic recovery.
FACT: Despite our fast-growing population, Georgia spends less per capita on transportation than almost any other state. This is beginning to make our state less attractive to employers and is negatively impacting our quality of life as Georgians. An investment in transportation will generate jobs, foster economic development, and ensure safety on the roadways.

FICTION: The project selections only benefit special interest groups.
FACT: The projects were selected by local officials in a transparent process with public input. Projects were required to have a regional impact. All Georgians will see the benefit of these projects through safer roads and more jobs.

FICTION: There are no guarantees the projects will be built as stated.
FACT: A Citizens Review Panel of five citizens will oversee the finances and construction in each region. Projects must be built as approved by voters in each region.

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