Small Business of the Year: MYCELX Technologies

MYCELX is the first new technology to be introduced in the wastewater and oil remediation industries in a century. MYCELX Technologies Corporation was co-founded in 1994 by Hal Alper, a former research director at a major chemical company and our own John Mansfield, Sr., a former petroleum industry executive.

Work on the technology was inspired by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. MYCELX has now expanded its reach to the industrial wastewater, power generation and marine markets as well. Filters and other materials infused with MYCELX remove virtually 100% of hydro-carbons from water. In other words, remove oil from water. The discovery of MYCELX is good news for the environment, providing a practical effective solution for the industries that directly impact water quality.

The owner of eight compound and process patents, MYCELX Technologies has distributors throughout the United States — in Canada, Mexico and Spain. The City of Gainesville and Disney Cruise Lines are customers of MYCELX Technologies products.

Mack DeVine joined MYCELX in 1998 as CEO, bringing 25 years of experience in company startups, reorganizations and fast growth. The company is located at 961 Chestnut Street in Gainesville. 770-535-3118. E-mail: