Small Business of the Month: Crocker Pottery

Local Potter Michael Crocker has been a student and artist of the craft for over 36 years. He studies and collects North Georgia pottery from the early 1800¹s. He was honored as a local legacy and selected to participate and represent the State of Georgia with senator Paul Coverdale for the Library of Congress¹ Bicentennial Celebration in 2000.

Crocker Pottery was sold during the 1996 Olympics by the Smithsonian¹s Southern Crossroads Marketplace. Crocker Pottery is in many major museums and arts institutions including: two Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC; New York History Museum; Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC; Atlanta History Museum, and many more.

Crocker Pottery is a great source for Georgia folk pottery history, tours, exhibits, sales, news and current events. Bus tours and groups, as well as individuals and collectors are welcome. Crocker Pottery, 6345 West County Line Road in Lula. 770-869-3160.