Six month update on HallMark Initiative

Just six months into the HallMark Initiative, the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce is in strong pursuit of the program’s important initiatives to ensure a sound community. The Technology Initiative is a five year program designed to attract technology-related jobs to our community.

This program also involves planned efforts to educate the entire Hall County community of the use of technology, what specific technology jobs currently exist, what infrastructure is in place to accommodate technology needs, and what educational programs are now being offered in our community related to technology.

The Technology Committee, chaired by Bob Bilbrough of Qualcon, has worked diligently on these tasks over the past several months. They have developed goals, a plan of action, delegated responsibilities and investigated resource needs. Members of the committee will begin sharing these technology-related needs and initiatives through presentations to the public in the near future.

Another portion of the HallMark Initiative involves the new addition and renovation of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce facility on E.E. Butler Parkway in Gainesville. Good News! Our initial permit has been issued, and we will break ground in March on the new 7,000 square foot building.

Construction plans with the contractor and the bid selection process for vendors is now underway. The building process will take some eight months to complete. We will keep you posted (through the newsletter, media and the Chamber’s website), as there will be inconveniences at our present site – the Welcome Center, usage of meeting rooms and parking availability.

The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce embraces the challenges and changes before us. With our positive-thinking, forward-moving group of community volunteers and a professional staff, we will remain a constant part of the solution to building an even better, stronger Hall County.