Shop Hall first this Holiday Season

Here it is, already November, and the year has zoomed by. When we think of November two things come to mind.

One, Thanksgiving. Although we have experienced a downturn in the economy, I am thankful to live in a community that can survive these blips. I understand that some jobs were lost, but most were recovered by the expansion of other local industries.

Second, you have to think of Christmas shopping. Well, I’m sure most guys don’t think of that, but we must realize that statistics show that the day after Thanksgiving is the largest shopping day of the year. With that thought in mind I want to encourage everyone to shop as much as possible in Hall County.

We must remember that the SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) initiatives, (both capital improvement and education) depend on shopping in Hall County. There are some retailers that offer programs to give a portion of the dollars spent at their establishment to a school chosen by the buyer. This is a great idea to build loyalty on behalf of the buyer.

We need to think of the SPLOST initiatives in the same manner. Regardless of where we shop, we have to pay sales tax, so it makes the most sense to spend money here in Hall County. Think of it this way… would you rather help another county build a new road or would you rather improve our roads here at home?

This year I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and a fun time shopping for others. Just remember to “Shop Hall First!”