Shop Gainesville-Hall County This Season

Shop Gainesville-Hall County This Season

With the Holiday Season upon us, you can give a lasting gift to our community by simply shopping locally. Regardless of your personal gift giving preference, there is one point we can all agree upon – when you shop in Gainesville-Hall County, you give the best gift of all – your sales tax dollars.

Your gift buying generates sales tax dollars that work throughout the year to improve our community in many different ways. Make it a point to shop the local stores in Gainesville, Oakwood and Flowery Branch. Along with retail stores, we have an abundance of art galleries, plant nurseries and specialty shops. There are plenty of unique stores for toys, clothes, gifts, and more, and these tax dollars help pay for local road improvements, water projects, libraries, fire departments and schools.

Your dollars spent in locally-owned businesses not only have a great impact on the local economy, but also simultaneously create jobs, fund more services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development. Let’s support our area businesses that are working hard to survive, pay taxes and employ our citizens in this tough economic environment. Supporting our local businesses also supports our local non-profit agencies like United Way of Hall County and other organizations providing vital social assistance to our community.

Power of Choice

Every time you make a purchase, you’re exercising power of choice. The choice is yours. You have the power to strengthen and enrich your community. Make a decision to find and patronize locally-owned business, whenever possible. When you shop online with out-of-state companies or in malls in neighboring counties, it doesn’t contribute a dime to our local economy. So check for members who offer the same products, and some even deliver.

The Greater Hall Chamber is currently a collection site for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program that will distribute toys to over 2,000 needy children in Hall County. Bring your new toys (most children will receive a gift bag filled with three items valued at $15) to the Chamber, 230 E.E. Butler Parkway in Gainesville, by Friday, December 5. Details: Michelle Wiley, 770-532-6206. Email: