Red Clay Interactive Specialist Named Adjunct Professor at Gainesville State College

Gainesville, Ga. – Nick Kastner, an internet marketing specialist at Red Clay Interactive, has been appointed an adjunct professor at Gainesville State College. Kastner will be teaching Application of Marketing Technology this semester in addition to his full-time role at Red Clay.

“I am very honored to have this opportunity,” Kastner said. “The study and discussion of marketing is a passion of mine, and I look forward to sharing that with the students,” he said.

The class will serve as an introduction to the world of marketing for Gainesville State undergraduate students. The role that the marketing plays in determining policies and strategies relating to product, price, channels of distribution and promotion will be focal points. In addition, Kastner will incorporate his extensive knowledge of the ever evolving world of digital marketing.

“Working at Red Clay has put me on the front lines of the digital marketing revolution,” he said. “I’m looking forward to using examples of interactive marketing from our portfolio in addition to other recent and innovative examples from across the Internet landscape.”

Kastner’s class, Marketing 3301, is part of the curriculum of the Bachelor of Applied Science degree from at Gainesville State College. This degree combines experiential learning opportunities from a Associate of Applied Science degree with vital topics such as technology enhanced management, marketing, personnel relations, professionalism and quality control.

Lance Compton, president of Red Clay Interactive, believes the marriage of theory and case studies is a huge benefit to the students. “With his practical understanding of the industry, Nick will be able to demonstrate textbook definitions of marketing with successful applications in the real world,” he said. “For Red Clay, it is a great chance to help encourage the growth of a well educated, technology-minded workforce right here in Hall County.”

Prior to joining Red Clay, Kastner was the assistant vice president of marketing for Gainesville Bank & Trust. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Piedmont College in 2003, and a Master of Business Administration from the same school in 2006. He is a native of Cornelia.

“Asking professionals from our community to participate in the classroom shows Gainesville State’s commitment to offering an education that incorporates current market principles and practices,” Kastner said. “I am grateful for this chance to partner with them, and I am looking forward to being a part of this class.”

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