Preserving our Quality of Life

Preserving our Quality of Life

The lifeblood of this region is literally going down the drain.

Lake Sidney Lanier is not only a primary economic engine of North Georgia; it is the primary source of our region’s water supply. Yet, the lake’s ability to sustain our water supply and recreational needs is threatened by excessive water releases from Buford Dam.

These current water management practices have contributed to Lanier’s historic low levels. Though full pool is 1,071 feet above sea level, Lake Lanier has been drawn down to a record low of 1,050 in 2008. We need you to join the 1071 Coalition and help reverse these practices and preserve our quality of life.

Over the next 36 months, federal officials will make decisions that will establish how water levels will be managed for years to come. Without strong state leadership and positive community activism, the needs of overzealous sates, and so-called endangered species, will overtake our interests – leading to dry lake bottoms, a jeopardized water supply and a shrinking economy.

With your financial support, the newly formed 1071 Coalition will focus on three objectives: 1. Commission a study on the impact of Lake Lanier on the area economy. This data will be used to counter information disseminated by other states and bolster Georgia’s case. 2. Urge federal and state officials to give this issue their highest priority and take action in the best interests of Georgians, including the commissioning of studies that determine the actual needs of endangered species and minimal flow requirements throughout the system. 3. Serve as a voice in the public relations fight between the states, armed with data and experts.

Companies, organizations and individuals can join the 1071 Coalition by registering at or calling 770-458-6311 for more information.