Politics & Politicians Change …. Challenges Remain for 2003!

We have new local and state politicians beginning in 2003, but some of the infrastructure challenges facing Gainesville, Hall County, and all our municipalities remain the same. With governments working together along with all citizens and groups, we can solve some of our challenges and create opportunities. Let’s do it, TOGETHER!

Water – Yes, we have had a lot of rain lately, and it appears that we may be coming out of the drought, but we still must address regionally water quantity and quality. Water is a finite resource, and we must work together to conserve this natural resource. We must put in place policies to address storm water, future water supply, and wastewater needs to sustain the growth of our area. We must learn conservation measures, build more reservoirs, and return highly treated wastewater back to the source. Lake Lanier is a $5.5 billion generator for our area. We must protect it.

Sewer – Hopefully, by the time you read this article, our governments will have united to provide sewer in unincorporated Hall County. The Lanier Technology and Wastewater Authority has made great progress in making South Hall sewer a reality. With a little cooperation from Hall County, it can be a win-win situation for all! Providing for sewer in North Hall County is great for the future, but the immediate need is in South Hall County… today!

Roads – It is a new day in Atlanta! Working together, we can obtain state monies to get some of our road projects moving ahead. We need to move forward with the new exchange on I-985, finish Thurman Tanner Road, and complete the four-laning of the Hall County side of Highway 129 to Athens… and! The City of Gainesville still needs an answer to traffic congestion. In the city, where are plans for a perimeter road or alternative routes? It looks like the Northern Arc may be dead, but a plan for an east-west corridor is desperately needed. Hall County will be getting a new representative on the Georgia Department of Transportation Board. Someone from Hall County (one of the most populous counties in the district), would certainly benefit our entire community. What will happen to GRTA, and what will their relationship be with the Georgia DOT?

Next time, let’s talk about other important issues: Commuter Rail, Gainesville Airport, Impact Fees, Greenspace, Tourism, Healthcare, Education, Leadership, SPLOST for Infrastructure and Education, Gainesville Post Office, Jobs… WOW! Good challenges…. Great opportunities… and working together… Accomplishments!!