PFG Milton’s Expands in Oakwood

Performance Food Group, Inc. (PFG) is expanding its PFG Milton’s food distribution facility in Oakwood with a 174,000-square foot building on 43 acres adjacent to the current operation at 3501 Old Oakwood Road. The new building will feature a freezer, meat cutting operation and fleet operations. The project is scheduled for completion in 2016.

PFG Milton’s currently employs over 500 people at the Oakwood location and expects to hire a substantial number of people over the next two years. The company will make a significant investment in the land, building and equipment.

PFG Milton’s distributes fresh meats and produce, dry groceries, frozen and refrigerated products and restaurant supplies. Customers include local and multi-chain restaurants, country clubs, daycare centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and correctional facilities primarily located in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina. The company traces its history back to 1961 when it began as the Blue Ribbon Packing Company before becoming Milton’s Institutional Foods a year later. It was acquired by PFG in 1995.

PFG delivers over 150,000 food and food-related products to more than 150,000 independent and national chain restaurants, schools, hotels, health care facilities and other institutions. PFG operates one of the nation’s largest private truck fleets, as well as 68 distribution centers and 11 Merchant’s Mart locations across the U.S., employing over 12,000 people nationwide.