New Quality Growth Council

Under the leadership of Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce South Hall Council Chairman Debbie Hardy of The Norton Agency, the reorganization of the Hall County Quality Growth Council (QGC) is underway. As QGC Chairman, Hardy will assist the organization in partnering with the business community and the Greater Hall Chamber to provide a more broad-based organization. A meeting was held in June to initiate new programs and was sponsored by Regions Bank, Jackson EMC, and the Hall County Farm Bureau.

The Quality Growth Council has engaged former Gainesville City Manager Carlyle Cox as a QGC part-time staff person. Cox will work with the Board of Directors to get the QGC back on track as an effective growth support organization.

Debbie Hardy, Carlyle Cox and members of the Quality Growth Council are looking at how to work on the total balance, the entire community ¬ not simply focusing on one issue or another. The goal of the organization is to promote balanced, sustainable quality growth as well as to provide a forum for discussion of responsible development from an economic and/or technical point of view.

“We hope that the Quality Growth Council will be a liaison between the business community/development community and the various government entities both local and state,” said Hardy. “The Council has a goal of becoming a full-time and active participant in assisting local governments with land use and development-related policy and legislation, offering policy analysis, economic impact analysis, and feasibility analysis.”

“It is my goal to assist the Board of Director¹s to form a strong vibrant entity that can assist the local governments with key information that will result in balanced and sustainable growth of the highest quality,” said Cox.

The Council urges business and community leaders to join the group and offer support of the organization. For more information on the Hall County Quality Growth Council or its next membership meeting, contact Debbie Hardy at 770-718-5251.