Lake Lanier Technology Alliance Update

The Lake Lanier Technology Alliance (LLTA) announced it’s mission statement at the August meeting: To foster the growth of the technology industry and its resources through the development, education and promotion of the region and its technology professionals.

The officers of the LLTA Board were also announced:

Lance Compton, Red Clay Interactive – Chairman; Kevin York, Charter Communications – Vice Chairman; Donna Stephens, Limbertec – Secretary; and Mark Burns, McCranie & Burns – Treasurer.

Greg Laudeman of the Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute reviewed the Regional Technology Assessment at the meeting. The Region 2 Technology Opportunity Assessment is based on Community Technology Opportunity Assessments conducted for Dawson, Hall, Hart, Lumpkin, Rabun, and Union Counties. The assessment identifies specific ways in which technology might be applied to regional economic development.

According to the assessment, the primary opportunities appear to lie within tourism, workforce preparation and enhancing public service delivery. The opportunities for each of the six communities are somewhat different than those for the entire region, although there are obviously significant common opportunities.

Laudeman encourages companies to focus on the demand side of technology needs. The supply/infrastructure side (i.e. laying wire) will take care of itself. Communities that have this understanding will let the technology talent make things happen. He also noted that leadership should make sure that technology employees have the time to work on technology projects.

Also during his presentation, Laudeman mentioned that Georgia Tech EDI TechSmart’s Technology Alliance Start-up kit is a model of the West Georgia Technology Alliance (WGTA), founded by Martin Smith of Southwire.

TechSmart observations made during the Hall County Technology Opportunity Assessment include:

• Consider public real estate and how it should be enhanced (conduit in the ground, renting cell towers); this should be the result of well-developed business cases and a close partnership with private business.

• Develop a forum for discussing public information technology policy; possibly by the Technology Alliance.

• Create an Alumni Network – a program to contact businesses that have left the Hall County area and convince them to return. This could be extended to bring their customers and suppliers back as well.

The next meeting of the Lake Lanier Technology Alliance is September 12 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. (Location TBA) and is sponsored by CSR Technologies, Inc. The speaker will be Martin Smith, founder and past president of the West Georgia Technology Alliance.

To register for the meeting or for more information, e-mail: or call 770-532-6206.