Lake Lanier Technology Alliance Forms

Although we’re not always in the headlines, Hall County has a surprisingly large number of technology professionals living and/or working in our area. And, as stated in previous Chamber Business Link articles, these workers commonly earn and spend more money than non-technical employees. Furthermore, technology companies are generally “cleaner” industries that put fewer burdens on our current infrastructure and environmental resources.

With this in mind, it’s important to understand that technology changes every day, and it is impossible for any one person to keep up with this ever-changing industry alone. Therefore, for technology professionals and their companies to survive, it is imperative that they gather on a regular basis to share information and ideas and network with their peers. So how does Hall County guarantee that our technology workforce stay ahead of the game? Welcome to the Lake Lanier Technology Alliance (LLTA).

The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary describes an “alliance” as, 1: the state of being allied; 2: an association to further the common interests of the members. That definition essentially sums up the mission and goals of the new Lake Lanier Technology Alliance. We will bring together our local technology community to provide direction, educational programs, communications and organizational assistance.

Much in the fashion of Atlanta’s Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the LLTA will serve as a focal point and advocate for the technology community, which includes businesses, government, educational institutions and providers of supporting services. Membership is open to all technology professionals associated with any of these entities.

Initial interest has already been expressed by all types of tech workers ranging from medical IT staff to college administrators, with private and public sector programmers, engineers, and software developers in between. LLTA members will have numerous opportunities to advance their careers, companies and industries in general through the creation and execution of superior, educational, business development, and community outreach events and programs.

Join us on Thursday, May 23, at 5:30 pm at Henry O’s for the first meeting of the Lake Lanier Technology Alliance. Our guest speaker will be Bob Bilbrough, Chairman of the Technology Committee of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce. As Founder/CEO of Qualcon in Flowery Branch, Bilbrough was the inaugural winner of the Georgia Technology Leadership Award presented by Governor Roy Barnes.

To RSVP for the May 23 meeting or for additional information on the Lake Lanier Technology Alliance, e-mail me at, Shelley Davis at or call the Greater Hall Chamber, 770-532-6206.

Lance Compton is president of Gainesville’s Red Clay Interactive, co-founder of the Lake Lanier Technology Alliance and serves on the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce Technology Steering Committee.

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