Jacobs, third generation takes realm as Chamber Chairman

Jay Jacobs follows in his father’s footsteps and his grandfather’s footsteps becoming the first third-generation leader of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce. Jay’s grandfather, John Jacobs, Sr., served as president of the Chamber in 1928. His father, John Jacobs, Jr., founder of WDUN Radio, served two terms as Chamber President/Chairman, first in 1956 and again in 1970. Jay officially took office on July 1 and hopes to focus this year on “connecting, communicating and promoting.”

“My grandfather never would have imagined he’d have a grandson who could take photos with a cell phone or even operate a cell phone. There’s no doubt that the world we live in has changed drastically because of technology,” Jacobs said. “I see challenges ahead in learning new ways to communicate with the members we serve and the businesses we hope to attract. While my grandfather could not have imaged the technology advances, we can, and we will.”