Industry locations and expansions

While the economic picture remains somewhat uncertain, there are some positive signs for the local economy in terms of new industry locations and existing industry expansions.

Shintone, a Japanese firm and supplier to Kubota, has announced its location in the Oakwood South Industrial Park. Shintone will invest $3 million and occupy approximately 20,000 square feet in the second multi-tenant building in the park. The company plans to employ 25 people.

Another announcement will be made in the upcoming weeks and will concern a telecommunications related company which will locate in the South Hall area. The company will invest over $6 million and eventually employ 250 people.

An existing manufacturer will make a major expansion announcement in the next several weeks that will result in an $18 million dollar investment and the addition of 150 new jobs

We are fortunate as a community to be in a location that makes good business sense and to have leadership that has adopted sound economic development policies through the years. Our market location will continue to provide us with quality new companies and will result in more expansion from our existing companies.

In addition to these locations and expansions, we are in the process of unveiling our first phase of marketing under our technology focus. This program will be detailed to you later but will include re-branding of our community’s name and image, direct marketing to realtors and brokers and solicitations to businesses via calls, advertising and trade shows.

We are excited about the program and look forward to detailing the activities in upcoming issues of Business Link.