Greater Hall Chamber Board Supports SPLOST V Referendum

Gainesville, GA-January 8, 2004: The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Issues and Infrastructure Committees voted in favor of supporting Hall County’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax Referendum – SPLOST V – at a special called meeting on Wednesday, January 7th.

A presentation of the present SPLOST IV projects and progress was given to the group by Hall County Administrator Jim Shuler followed by a presentation by Hall County Commission Chairman Gary Gibbs on SPLOST V projects.

The SPLOST V referendum will be held on March 2, 2004 for all registered voters of Hall County and municipalities. The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce will form a committee to educate the community on the SPLOST V projects and marketing program for the March 2nd vote.

Greater Hall Chamber Chairman Benny Bagwell said, “I am pleased to see the Board offer their support of the referendum. This method of paying for capitol expenditures is the most fair way to fund them. It keeps the total burden off the property owners and helps keep our businesses competitive.”

The proposed SPLOST V projects (subject to change) include:

Road Improvement Projects – $40.3 million (with additional Georgia DOT funding of $30.2 million);

Candler Road Landfill Expansion – $8.5 million;

Public Safety Projects – $70 million;

South Hall Library – $4 million;

Park & Leisure Projects – $8.5 million;

Fire Department Projects – $5.2 million;

Municipal Allocations- $9.5 million.


“We look forward to educating the voters of Hall County about the projects proposed to be financed through SPLOST V and the benefits to Hall County residents of these projects,” said Emily Bagwell, Vice Chairman of the Greater Hall Chamber’s Government Affairs Division.

For more information on the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce’s participation in SPLOST V, contact Chamber President Kit Dunlap at the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, 770-532-6206.