Gainesville Ranks at Top Nationally

Gainesville-Hall County, Georgia ranked #39 of Best Performing Small Cities in the Milken Institute’s 2012 Report, jumping up 62 places from its 2011 ranking at #101. Milken Institute’s annual Best-Performing Cities report provides a data-driven, comprehensive measure of economic strength across metropolitan areas, illuminating the job, wage, and technology trends that shape prospects for success. The report provides comprehensive data on why some places in America are prospering, and some struggling – giving insight into what separates the cities that are positioned well for the future from those that are still mired in the setbacks inflicted by the financial crisis.

“Gainesville-Hall County is a regional center for employment, healthcare and professional services,” said Greater Hall Chamber President and CEO Kit Dunlap. “This community has benefited from having a diversified employment base of manufacturing, services, healthcare and retail, and our pro-business climate is certainly reflected in this report.”

According to the report, in 2012, high-tech was high-powered. Rewards accrued to communities that embraced technological know-how. One clear takeaway is that communities and industries that embrace technological know-how can claim an enviable advantage. Designing and producing communications and computing devices, and serving companies and consumers online, were good businesses to be in. Overall, the regions that weathered the downturn best and are recovering fastest reveal a range of ideas and strategies for seizing opportunity and keeping risk at bay.

Other notable statistics:
– Gainesville-Hall County ranked 39th overall and 2nd for short term job growth.
– Gainesville-Hall County is the only Georgia MSA listed in the top 50 best performers, and one of very few in the Southeastern United States.
-The Milken Institute’s ranking for Gainesville-Hall County follows several years of steadily declining unemployment.
– Garner Economics recently ranked Gainesville-Hall County among a very short list of 23 metro areas around the nation that had outperformed the US for unemployment for more than 2 consecutive years.

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