Gainesville Named Top 100 Cities in Job Growth

Gainesville, Georgia was named in the Top 100 among all cities in “Best Cities for Job Growth 2011” by The site’s Best Cities for Job Growth 2011 Rankings are a performance measure of job growth over short and longer terms.

The methodology for the 2011 rankings emphasizes the robustness of a region’s growth both recently and over time. It allows the rankings to include all of the metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports monthly employment data. They are derived from three-month rolling averages of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “state and area” unadjusted employment data reported from November 1999 to January 2011.

The rankings use four measures of growth to rank all areas for which full data sets were available from the past 10 years. 1) recent growth trend: the current and prior year’s employment growth rates, with the current year emphasized (two points); 2) mid-term growth: the average annual 2005-2010 growth rate (two points); 3) long-term trend and momentum: the sum of the 2005-2010 and 1999-2004 employment growth rates multiplied by the ratio of the 1999-2004 growth rate over the 2005-2010 growth rate (two points); and 4) current year growth (one point).

Job creation from new and existing businesses in Gainesville-Hall County contributed to the overall ratings. Tim Evans of the Gainesville-Hall County Economic Development Council cited 34 new and expanded businesses in 2010-2011 that collectively announced 1,140 new jobs and nearly $250 million in capital investment. “Recently, we have had many global companies expand their operations in Gainesville-Hall County to better serve their North American customers,” stated Evans. “ZF, American Yazaki, GMI, King’s Hawaiian, ATEX, Elringklinger, Kubota, Skip Barber Racing and IMS Gear are among the new and expanded firms assisted by the Gainesville-Hall County Economic Development Council.”

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