Economic Development Council remains one voice for the community

The Gainesville-Hall County Economic Development Council (EDC) is a public- private partnership formed to recruit new business and encourage existing business expansions in our community. Under the leadership of EDC Chairman Richard Hagler (Barron & Bros.), the Council serves as the hub of economic development and as an initial contact for businesses seeking relocation information for industrial development in the region.

Founded in 1994, the EDC successfully brings together public and private leadership with one voice to create a positive environment for responsible economic growth. Centralized coordination, effective collaboration, and comprehensive professional services are its unifying foundation.

The EDC’s purpose is to increase Gainesville-Hall County’s (all municipalities) standard of living by attracting and retaining quality jobs, increasing investment, assisting firms in locating commercial real estate and assisting in existing industry expansions.

In order to accomplish its purpose, the EDC collaborates with area higher-education leadership, local government officials, key corporate CEO’s, business leaders and professional economic development organizations, to assure that all work together toward this purpose. The organization’s bottom line – to create jobs, maintain our diversified industrial base and increase our tax base.

The top three employment sectors in Gainesville-Hall County include, manufacturing (29.4%), service (22.5%) and retail (15.3%). The EDC has had great success over the years increasing new business and assisting displaced workers in finding new jobs through existing industry plant expansions and the recruitment of new industries. To date, 47 Fortune 500 companies make Gainesville-Hall County their home and more than 300 manufacturing firms are located here.

Businesses and industries make long-term investments in Gainesville-Hall County because of its economic stability, skilled workforce, visionary leadership and quality of life. Since July 2001, announced existing industry expansions have generated some 990 new jobs and $168 million in capital investments.

We made it through a recession with an unemployment rate below the state and national levels (currently 3.4%). And, because of the work of our EDC, Gainesville-Hall County continues to be held in high regard by the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism – the organization that continues to help us get our fair share of referrals of potential new business.

Our economic development future looks bright and 2004 should be an even more promising year as the Georgia Chamber of Commerce brings the Red Carpet Tour to Northeast Georgia and Gainesville-Hall County.

The Gainesville-Hall County Economic Development Council remains one voice for the community… a united front to ensure jobs for today and future generations.