Deal continues as VISION 2030 Director

Deal continues as VISION 2030 Director

The Board of Directors of VISION 2030, the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce’s largest community-oriented initiative, recently announced that Denise Deal will serve as the organization’s Executive Director for another year.

Rob Fowler, former Chairman of the Greater Hall Chamber Board of Directors and partner with Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance is chairman of VISION 2030 and stated, “Gainesville-Hall County has a history of many realized visions, and an ability to inspire its leaders and citizens to embrace these visions to create a quality of life envied by other communities. VISION 2030 is bold, comprehensive, and builds on the dreams. Gainesville has realized many of its dreams over the years because of the willingness of its residents to work together.”

“To ensure that VISION 2030 goals are achieved, the VISION 2030 Board of Directors has named Denise Deal, Executive Director for another year,” said Fowler. “In this position, she will help measure, facilitate and guide VISION 2030 goals and initiatives and identify and develop leaders to shepherd the Common Vision forward.”

Denise Deal is 2007-2008 Chairman of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce. A former employee of Jackson EMC, Deal is heavily involved in community activities and was recently named Young Woman of the Year by the Gainesville Jaycees.

VISION 2030 included two phases in 2006-2007. The first phase was a series of community meetings. At each meeting, citizens discussed and described the community they would like Gainesville-Hall County to be by 2030. With over 20 community meetings, the results established that the mission of VISION 2030 fit well with Gainesville-Hall County’s reputation as being an innovative, forward thinking and values oriented community. In June 2006, the results from the community visioning meetings were drafted into an overall “Common Vision” for Gainesville-Hall County and presented to the public.

The second phase of VISION 2030 kicked off in September 2006 and concentrates on the implementation and strategic planning of the Common Vision. VISION 2030 organizers identified “15 Big Ideas” to begin their concentration. The VISION 2030 Board of Directors will be reviewing the entire VISION 2030 document to update the “top idea” list. Implementation efforts concentrate on bringing together interested parties, technical experts and community leaders and volunteers to determine the best possible method for accomplishing the goals.

“As we move into our second year of VISION 2030, we have great expectations,” said VISION 2030 Executive Director Denise Deal. “Our goals are aggressive, and we dream boldly about Gainesville-Hall County. We need more creative ideas and more creative thinking. We need more people thinking often about what needs to be done to continue to make Gainesville-Hall County a community that welcomes people to live, work, and play. We need volunteers who believe Gainesville-Hall County can become an even greater place to live.”

“To achieve the Vision we have for Gainesville-Hall County, we need people from every segment of our population to be active and engaged,” continued Deal. “VISION 2030 dares to imagine a community whose growth is fueled by creativity, ignited by the power of ideas, and fired by the goal of excellence for all of those who live and work in Gainesville- Hall County.”

For more information on VISION 2030 or how you can volunteer, call Executive Director Denise Deal, 770-532-6206 EXT 104, e-mail:, or visit