Career Center brings new direction in Hall County education

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in August for the Lanier Career Center – a new facility and direction in Hall County education. Located at the corner of Atlanta Highway and Tumbling Creek Road (across from the Chicopee Woods Golf Course), Lanier Career Center is a partnership between the Hall County School System and Lanier Technical College.

At the new center, students will have the opportunity of receiving a high school diploma and a two-year technical college certificate from the same facility.

Expected to open next year, the $7.5 million facility was born with the goal of educating students with different needs.

Susan Johnson is Hall County Evening School principal and will be director of the Career Center. “We’re talking about students who do not prosper in the traditional school yet are very creative and very intelligent,” Johnson said. “We wanted to find a place for them.” Johnson said the evening school began the process and the Career Center will take it to a higher level with high school and college education, technical training and job referral services.

Board of Director for Lanier Technical College Bill Chandler said when they do, they will be on track to a career-based program where they complete high school and college on the same campus.

For more information on the Lanier Career Center, contact Susan Johnson, Hall County Evening School, 770-531-5330.

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