Buy Hall Now Initiative

Buy Hall Now Initiative

The Gainesville-Hall County Homebuilders Association (HBA) and the Hall County Board of Realtors have developed a marketing committee and strategy to promote building, development and residential home sales. The “Buy Hall Now” group includes representatives of the financial industry, commercial developers and homebuilders.

President of the HBA, Mike Holliman, Olin & Holliman Homes, stated, “Now is the time to buy, build or renovate your home, and there are several key reasons as to why now is the prime time to exercise any of these options. There is a great selection of properties available in Gainesville-Hall County. You can choose from new or resale lake houses, condominiums/townhouses, or detached houses, plus, the availability and cost of financing is very favorable.”

Andy Stewart, Peach State Bank & Trust, noted that the cost of borrowing is remarkably low, with 30-year fixed-rate loans for owner/occupants in the five percent range as of mid-January; this translates to rates that are near 45-year lows. Local lenders have a variety of financing options available. Buyers with good credit can still get 100% financing.

Houses in Gainesville-Hall County remain a great investment. The median sales price for resale houses in the county has had no less than a 3.4% annual increase for the five years ending December 31, 2007.

“Your house will continue to grow in value as people continue to desire an overall high-quality life attributed to Gainesville and Hall County’s good schools, excellent health care, natural, as well as man-made amenities, and diversified employment opportunities,” said Susan Moss, President of the Hall County Board of Realtors. “If you’ve been thinking of having that ideal home – a place in which to make memories and call your own – then there’s never been a better time to act.”

Details: Van Neese, Gainesville-Hall County Homebuilders Association, 770-536-8282, or online at or Judy White, Hall County Board of Realtors, 770-534-1564, or online at