Industry Roundtable

Industry Roundtable at Baldor Electric

The Industry Roundtable is a group of manufacturers, distributors and processors who meet quarterly to share information, discuss trends and conduct plant tours. Membership is limited to CEOs and industry managers by invitation only.

Annual Industry Appreciation Awards

Annually, the Greater Hall Chamber presents Industry Appreciation Awards honoring area existing industry leaders and recognizing their economic impact on the community, corporate responsibility and workforce excellence. Industry of the Year Awards are presented in the SMALL (1-50 employees), MEDIUM (51-200 employees) and LARGE (201+ employee) categories. Recognitions are also announced in multiple areas such as safety, environmental stewardship, employer and corporate responsibility. Industry of the Year Nominations are encouraged if you know a deserving industry. Industry of the Year Applications are open to local manufacturers, processors and distributors.

2016 Industry of the Year
Murray Plastics, Inc.
Tatsumi Intermodal USA, Inc.
2015 Industry of the Year
Poly Enterprises
Mugele of America
Marel Stork Poultry Processing Inc.
2014 Industry of the Year
Aerocom Systems Inc.
SYFAN Logistics, Inc.
King’s Hawaiian
2013-14 Industry of the Year
American Yazaki
Processing Equipment Solutions
Milliken (New Holland)
2013 Industry of the Year
Zebra Technologies Corp.
Bitzer US, Inc.
Kubota Manufacturing of America Corp.
2012 Industry of the Year
AdEdge Water Technologies Inc
Mansfield Energy Corp
Fieldale Farms Corp
2011 Industry of the Year
IMS Gear Georgia, Inc.
ZF Group
Coleman Natural Foods – Kings Delight
2010 Industry of the Year
Hollis Transport & Distribution
Cargill, Inc.
Wrigley Manufacturing

Georgia Manufacturers of the Year

Industry Roundtable members also benefit from Georgia Manufacturing Appreciation Week. Past winners from Gainesville-Hall County include:

King’s Hawaiian (2017)
ZF Group
Wrigley Manufacturing (2006)
Kubota Manufacturing of America (2003)

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